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Alessandra Garofalo has been a fan of Fred Astaire since about 1991. Home sick from school, she caught some of his movies on television and has been a fan ever since. A resident of Trieste, Italy, Alessandra has long been fascinated by Astaire’s Austrian background, something not often examined in depth by biographers. An avid history scholar, she has conducted extensive research on the Austerlitz genealogy (Fred Astaire was born Frederick Austerlitz in 1899) for the past eight years, and her quest for more background information is ongoing. She also collects documents and photographs pertaining to the events and aspects of Astaire’s life and career. In her free time, Alessandra enjoys travel and is an award-winning amateur photographer.

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Austerlitz sounded too much like a battle: The roots of Fred Astaire family in Europe

In this book we will explore the roots of the Austerlitz family (as you may know Fred Astaire was born Frederick Austerlitz) and will see in particular the background of his father’s European origins from the XVIII century to the first half of the XX cent
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